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Fuldiye Ki Bhalo Basa Hoy- Jhumur Songs

(Fuldiye Ki Bhalo Basa Hoy- Jhumur Songs)

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 01. Amar Mane Sob Sob Somay

 02. Bhalo Basar Bhai Chute                 

Aaj Meghla Din (2)
 03. Dudin Bade Veste Jabe

 04.  Ful Diye Ki Bhalo Basa Hoy

 05. Jhar Jhar Pani

 06.Ore Amar Prano Bandhu

Aami Megher Kol Chaine
 07.Rong Number e Fase Geli

Holud Pakhir Danaye
 08. Tore Bonkir Pele

Lagche Lagche Bhalo


Par Huchuke Hasna Pagal-Jhumur Video Songs

1.Puruliar Lok Bathi Rode JAle Khata Khati..
(Download mp4 Version-26.58MB )

(Download 3gp Version- 11.96MB)

2.Ras Melar Parabe Go Porobe..

(Download mp4 Version-18.85MB )

(Download 3gp Version- 11.14MB)

3.O Dhoni Sun Go..
(Download mp4 Version-30.68MB )

(Download 3gp Version- 14.57MB)

4.Bowa Chock Ta Mare Dilo..
(Download mp4 Version-18.80MB )

(Download 3gp Version- 5.77MB)

5.Ai Ki Amar Vagye chilo..

(Download mp4 Version-28.78MB )

(Download 3gp Version- 18.72MB)

6.Kar Sange Tor Lukochuri..
(Download mp4 Version-34.64MB )

(Download 3gp Version- 16.46MB)

7.Ful Futhechilo Bihar Ful..

(Download mp4 Version-39.87MB )

(Download 3gp Version- 19.09MB)

7.Dada Amar Allah Ullhu..
(Download mp4 Version-19.98MB )

(Download 3gp Version- 12.58MB)

8.Ki Ar Bolibo Kotha..

(Download mp4 Version-60.19MB )

(Download 3gp Version- 20.96MB)


Harano Diner Purano Kotha- Video Songs

1.Harano Diner Purano Kotha..


(Download mp4 Version-30.31MB )

(Download 3gp Version- 10.94MB)

2.Amra Sibke Sobai Baba Boli..

(Download mp4 Version -27.16MB)

(Download 3gp Version -13.91MB)

3.Sajani Go Sajani Go..

(Download mp4 Version 28.36MB)

(Download 3gp Version )

4.Fal Bali Haire Fal Bali..

(Download mp4 Version-34.89M.B )

(Download 3gp Version 11.24M.B)

5Chasa Ai Re Jadi Korbi Chas.

(Download mp4 Version 14.29MB)

(Download 3gp Version 8.56MB)

6.Nera Khai Nerir Chum..

(Download mp4 Version -17.10MB)

(Download 3gp Version -17.02MB)



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